Other Lasers

When we started using laser to treat Onychomycosis 9 years ago there was only 1 laser on the market to treat Onychomycosis and that was the Pinpointe Foot Laser. Since then it seems that every laser company has a laser that works better than all their competitors. The difficult thing is for a member of the public to make a decision on which is the best laser. There are so many lasers on the market that it makes the decision process very difficult. For instance the PACT system seems to cost around $120 yet the purchase price of the Lunula Laser we are using is well over 10 times the purchase price of the PACT system we are only charging $160 per treatment.

Every patient must do their own research and decide what they feel is best for them or they can trust us, we do the research and decide what is the best system on the market we are only interested in providing the best technology that is currently available.

These pages contain information that is readily available over the internet. It is being reposted here for any interested patients to read if there is any other research available we would love to be made aware of it.

Some Lasers commonly used and interesting articles on them.


Fox Arc


Lunula Laser Erchonia