$160 per session
        (10 Nails)

Treat Nail Fungus With Australia's Most Advanced Laser.
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Australia's First

We were the first podiatrists to use laser to treat nail fungus in Australia. We have used several lasers to treat fungus. 
Over 20 Years of experience.

Proven Technology

Since we started using laser to treat nail fungus the number of devices on the market has exploded. The problem is there has been poor research done on many of them to say the least. Some have had NO research carried out on them.

Value For Money

Know what you are paying for, has there been any clinical studies done on the laser you are paying for and how many subjects were in the study. The greater the number of subjects (if the results were good) the better your chance of success.     

100% Pain Free

Ever since the early hot lasers were released all the advertising suggests these lasers are pain free this is not true. Heat is used to destroy fungus the heat causes pain. The Lunula Laser uses a non thermal method to destroy fungus. For the patient this means absolutely NO pain whilst giving great results. 

Groundbreaking Laser

We use the latest Lunula Laser from Erchonia this laser is a cold laser which is pain free and we will happily guarantee there will be NO pain. The Lunula Laser had the largest number of patients in a Nail Fungus clinical trial.Unlike most other lasers on the market the Lunula Laser was designed purely to treat Nail Fungus.

Excellent Results

The Erchonia Lunula Laser has been subjected to the largest number of patients treated in any other laser trial. There were 500 subjects in the trial all were positive to fungus. At (week 48) 89% of patients were clear of fungus and 10% not resolved.

Laser treatment for Nail fungus affordable for all

The most up to date technology

Great Results Affordable

The cost of this laser treatment is affordable to all. The cost is $160 per session all 10 toes are treated.  Generally we will do a total of 4 treatments at weekly intervals. Severe cases may need 6 or 8 treatments. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best quality lasers that have had solid research conducted on them to treat nail fungus at a cost that makes this revolutionary treatment available to all.

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