Melbourne Nail Laser Clinic


Dr Greg Bastin was the first podiatrist to use laser in Melbourne over 9 years ago. We have developed a wealth of experience treating nail fungus over the years. We initially started with the Pinpointe Foot Laser this was a HOT laser. We found this laser was successful however, patients found it quite painful. The small spot size generated by this laser made it impossible to ensure 100% nail coverage.

We later used a Cool Touch laser this laser had some major advantages over the Pinpointe laser it had a much bigger spot size ensuring that no parts of the nail were missed. It also had inbuilt thermal feedback thus monitoring with less than 1’C accuracy the exact temperature of a patient’s toe. It also had a cryogen spray which could accurately hold a temperature making the treatment much more tolerable for patients.

We did several clinical trials on other laser systems over the years and found most to be second rate. We also used the PACT system and also found this to be less than desirable in the successful treatment of Onychomycosis.

5 years ago we started trials on a new laser technology called Lunula we were lucky enough to get an early production unit and do clinical trials. At that point there were only a few clinics (Arizona Foot Clinic, London Nail Laser Clinic)  using this equipment as it was not generally released. It was a revolutionary new cold laser system the likes of which had never been seen before. It was built from the ground up and was designed to treat ONLY nail fungus unlike many of the hot lasers on the market that were designed for other conditions and later adapted to treat nail fungus.

As time went by and we treated more patients, we found that the results were far better than the First Generation Hot lasers, also patients loved it as it caused NO pain. Fast forward 5 years we now have a wealth of experience on the machine and although we maintain some of the earlier HOT lasers we never use them to treat nail fungus as we find the Lunula Laser beats them hands down.